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Stave Off Problems At Home

If you are a parent, you may not be aware that you and your family may be at risk of eye injury at home if you do not provide protective eyewear when working in the yard or in the home shop environment. The truth is, that statistics tell us that every year more than a million people suffer injuries to their eyes in and around their houses. Accidents can be prevented very easily and while most of these injuries, some permanent, could have been avoided by simply wearing protective eyewear; more often that not this type of prevention is not around when you need it.

If you stop and think for a moment, you may want to reevaluate proper eye care procedure while mowing the lawn, puttering around the house or yard. While your home is normally not a dangerous place, we want to remind you that taking precautions for your eyes both in the workplace and the home will solve any accidental problem that might happen. Especially where machinery is being used, or chemicals are mixed; wearing protective eyewear could save someone from blindness or serious injury.

According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, people generally think that most eye injuries occur during sports or on the job. However, statistics tell us that nearly 50% of all eye injuries happen at home, with many of them inside the house in living areas, including the kitchen, bathroom and living room. These are common areas you don’t often think about for potential problems to happen. It is also a fact that men are more likely to sustain eye injury than women. And the leading cause of blindness in kids is eye injury.

Many of these types of injuries have been from yard work. Usually the eye has been hit by a stone or a piece of natural material that has caused trauma.

Eye irritation is also quite common, especially during fall and spring when allergens are at seriously high levels. People may work in the yard, inadvertently touch their eyes and set off an allergic chain reaction which can cause a major irritation.

As a family member, it is usually common sense which dictates behavior when doing chores that are risky to vision health. However, it is always a great idea to keep safety precautions in mind when you are working in your shop, yard, around machinery, or mixing fertilizers and chemicals. Your eyesight is always a precious thing!

Long Vision Center has really great prices on protective eyewear here at our optical center. We feature brand name Protective Eyewear that meets or exceeds industry standards. Eye injuries can occur at work, play, in your home garage workshop, during sports or at totally unexpected times and almost all eye injury can be preventable by wearing protective eyewear. For more information about the type and styles available for you and your family here at the Long Vision Center, call us at (903) 892-2020 and schedule an appointment to find out more about the types of protective eyewear we have available.

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